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Innovation Blog

Our innovation blog features articles and stories on using innovation to grow your business.

Case Studies

For ITI, success means that a customer's business goals have been met or exceeded because of our involvement. We are satisfied only when we hear the words "this is just what we need."

We are software architects, but unlike other technology companies, our primary focus is your business...not the technology. We start by listening to understand your business and the benefits you are looking for in a software system. Then, we work right with you to create an architecture that addresses all your specifications.

With our software blueprint in hand, you may turn to your internal development staff or to an outsourcing or off-shore firm, or to ITI for implementation. Over the last 17 years, many of our clients have asked us to write their code because of our user-centric development process which allows us to incorporate user feedback early and often into the development effort. Our project management approach is fully transparent, allowing you to know the status of your project at all times. The end result is a software system delivered to you with no surprises, one that fits the needs of your business like a glove.


ITI helped ATM USA get a big-picture view of their business. “Everything from a service standpoint is within one program. It’s automated so that we have real time data. And from a manager’s perspective, I can drill down to see who has service calls open and for how long.”
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Ultimus is now leveraging its investment in Microsoft CMS thanks to ITI developing a targeted solution quickly and efficiently.
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Presentation Strategies

In concert with RTP-based Presentation Strategies Inc., Interface Technologies has pioneered a unique software application that integrates data input from audience-held handsets into Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations, displaying results immediately.
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Indimi, a SONY-backed internet direct marketing company, engaged ITI to upgrade its email delivery system in order to target a larger customer base. ITI designed a solution running with open source technology that delivers 50 million emails a day.
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Virtual Access Networks

ITI developed and delivered in record time The Van Enterprise Edition for Massachusetts-based Virtual Access Networks, Inc., a company focused on PC migration and remote access technologies. ITI representatives also met with potential Van investors to present a technical assessment of the project's feasibility. ITI was present in Virtual Access Network's booth at COMDEX when The Van took top Enterprise Product honors.
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SoftPro Corporation

SoftPro engaged ITI to improve customer service by delivering its products and services via the web. Software companies can reach new markets using subscription or usage-based web delivery models, rather than traditional models.
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Charles Schwab

"...outstanding leadership, dedication and service" were the words that described ITI's performance for Charles Schwab.
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