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Innovation Blog

Our innovation blog features articles and stories on using innovation to grow your business.

ITI: 25 Years of Software Innovation

Interface Technologies, Inc. is a custom software development firm located in Raleigh, NC.

We help businesses turn their insights into software applications that deliver real impact to their companies as well as their customers.

Custom Software Development

Why ITI?  First, we listen.  And while we may be technology professionals (AKA geeks), we know how to ask the key business questions that will help turn your ideas and insights into impactful business innovations.

Rethink the Role of Technology

Innovation drives business growth.  But not every hot new technology in the news will be right for your business.  

The real value of new technology is rethinking how it impacts your business and improves your interactions with your customers.

We've written a series of articles to help you start the rethinking process:

Part 1 - Rethinking the role of technology in your business
Part 2 - Focusing on the customer experience
Part 3 - Reviewing customer feedback