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Innovation Blog

Our innovation blog features articles and stories on using innovation to grow your business.


Founded in 1992, ITI is an award-winning company that produces and applies technology to meet business goals. We offer technology consulting services to help our clients determine how technology can be applied to their businesses. Our development group has a history of getting software done. 

The reason we are here is simple: to make a difference for our clients. We do this by getting software done and by making the complexities of technology accessible.

We listen to what you have to say. What is it that needs improving? What are current and future market opportunities? Who are your key users? How will this improve your customer service, increase sales, lower costs, and/or reduce risk? Will a technology solution fully address your needs?

Our questions, your answers, are woven throughout the process so that everyone stays focused on achieving the desired results for your business. Our process is both transparent and iterative – you'll witness the project take shape and evolve.

We get software done because we do not accept failure. We exist to fill in the gap between technology and business. And at the end of the day, your project will work as envisioned.

Contact us to discuss ways technology can enhance the forward progress of your business. We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina, a short drive from Research Triangle Park.