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Virtual Access Networks

From Concept to Top COMDEX Award

ITI developed and delivered in record time The Van Enterprise Edition for Massachusetts-based Virtual Access Networks, Inc., a company focused on PC migration and remote access technologies. ITI representatives also met with potential Van investors to present a technical assessment of the project's feasibility.

And folks from ITI were in Virtual Access Network's booth at COMDEX when The Van took top honors as Best of Show in the Enterprise Product category.

ITI Chief Technology Officer Shay Woodard says enthusiastically, "As a development organization, it's a dream come true to be recognized at COMDEX. Both ITI and Virtual Access Networks met the challenge to deliver this innovative product. And when I see it in use, I feel proud for the talent and enthusiasm that went into its creation."

Virtual Access Networks President Gerry Lynch adds, "ITI was extremely helpful taking us from the concept stage to market. They have a very good squad that comes in like a SWAT team, complete with the chemistry and all the different roles you need in a development organization. To try to build a team like this from scratch at the same time you're trying to build a product would be very risky and would cost you time to market."

Virtual Access Networks is dedicated to the pioneering concept of Access Technology. The company's comprehensive suite of applications enables the highly selective parsing, movement and access of digital information through networks, wireless devices, and the Web.

Its flagship product, The Van, liberates a computer's environment (i.e. bookmarks, desktop icons, My Document folders, Office settings) from the hardware it runs on. This makes a user's settings accessible from any remote location. Settings may also be standardized over multiple systems.

COMDEX judges sang The Van's praises. "With support for upgrading to a new operating system and boxed or customized applications, disaster recovery, and data encryption for remote users, Virtual Access Networks is helping to make migration projects a little less painful, and we're glad to award them Best of Show in the Enterprise category."

Virtual Access Networks plans to license The Van technology to Global 5000 enterprises, hardware and software companies, systems integrators and storage companies, all of which are challenged with managing change in computing environments.

Lynch summarizes ITI's role in the product's success, "We are building an internal development team as we grow as a company, and ITI is very comfortable with that. Their goal is to help you when you need them. They're very good at it."