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At any given time of the day or night, Ultimus®, a global business process management company, has people all over the world authoring and updating information on its corporate web site, its regional web sites, and its foreign language sites. The company uses Microsoft® Content Management Server for its authoring capabilities but acknowledges that, straight from the box, the program is not very intuitive for the non-technical user. To remedy this, Ultimus Marketing and Communications Manager Ken Bagnal turned to Interface Technologies, Inc. (ITI) for assistance in developing controls for templates that meet the needs of the company’s corporate and regional users.

Ultimus is now leveraging its investment in Microsoft CMS thanks to ITI developing a targeted solution quickly and efficiently. Ken Bagnal says, “On the second day, ITI had a working, functioning solution. By day three, we had tested it. And by day three and a half, I had the navigation control that I needed to work inside Microsoft Content Management Server and more. I would say that ITI definitely over-delivered.”

Reaction from users has been enthusiastic. Bagnal says, “I have a young guy in South Asia who does probably 75% of the actual content updating, and he is thrilled. What ITI has given us is a significant enhancement.”

By making the input functions so much easier to use and delivering results quickly, Bagnal feels that Ultimus received some of the best value the company could ever hope for. ITI also provided clear and concise documentation that enabled him to successfully install, test, and deploy the controls without any problems whatsoever. And ITI set things up for easy knowledge transfer. Bagnal says, “ITI is very good at understanding technology, applying it, and documenting it in a way that can be used, even by non-technical people. They gave us just what we needed.”