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Innovation Blog

Our innovation blog features articles and stories on using innovation to grow your business.

Software Development

Our Software Development Group is comprised of technical professionals with years of experience who deliver detailed code for your particular business needs using Microsoft® and open source technologies. This is the team that brings custom applications to life.

Our business-oriented approach empowers ITI programmers to test solutions on end users as projects are in development. We communicate frequently with clients and maintain full visibility, encouraging your organization’s involvement so that issues are resolved quickly, with minimal impact to the project.

Online collaboration portals, created for each engagement, document our running dialog, and result in targeted and efficient software solutions that maximize the value of your investment.

We provide:

  • Web-based applications
  • n-Tier architectures
  • Wireless solutions
  • Traditional packaged software
  • Internal corporate network solutions
  • Proof of concept
  • Technology assessments
  • Packaged software extensions
  • Legacy system compatibility