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Presentation Strategies

In concert with RTP-based Presentation Strategies Inc., Interface Technologies has pioneered a unique software application that integrates data input from audience-held handsets into Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations, displaying results immediately. Presentation Strategies President Bob Befus says, "ITI's engineering expertise has enabled us to take a presentation concept and move it into a pilot study phase in order to confirm its effectiveness."

Presentation Strategies was inspired by a major customer's request for an interactive presentation tool. The goal was to increase audience attention and retention of information by immediately recording feedback to questions posed during a presentation. The second goal was to achieve this audience polling using individual handsets, with results displayed in PowerPoint.

ITI delivered a first-of-its-kind software solution that calibrates audience response and displays results through the Microsoft chart capabilities within PowerPoint.

Bob Befus says, "We had a very short time frame, about two months, to deliver this enhancement to our client for a pilot study. Our application had to be rock solid - no glitches, no unpredictable nuances or problems. It also had to be extremely simple to use."

Continuing, he says, "We are extremely pleased with ITI's solution and see it as having the potential to become a significant part of our business."