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We believe that innovation is a source of business growth.  In the words of Peter Drucker:  "Marketing and innovation create value, all the rest are costs."

It's not as hard as you might think.  Your ideas are a primary source of innovation.  These ideas come from insights you have into your business and your customers.  Every problem you see is an opportunity to make change for the better.  Every opportunity you identify is a chance to innovate.

We believe you can create a culture of innovation by acknowledging your ideas and deciding to act on them.  It doesn't happen by accident; innovation is a repeatable, intentional process of identifying opportunities, evaluating outcomes, and strategically investing your resources to achieve a return.

Sometimes technology can play a part.  But as Jim Collins has pointed out:  "Technology by itself can't make a company or leader great.  The role of technology is to accelerate greatness that's already there."

Since 1992, we've helped companies of all shapes and sizes build software to turn their ideas and insights into innovation.  Our goal here is to share our experience and help you, the reader, understand how to transform your ideas into business innovation.