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High Capacity Emailing System

Indimi, a SONY-backed internet direct marketing company, headquartered in New York, New York, hired ITI to upgrade its email delivery system in order to target a larger customer base.

Indimi operates a variety of compelling internet services, from e-cards to online rating systems, that are based on sending personalized messages to subscribers, via email, one to several times a day.

Calvin Tarlton, Indimi's Vice President, who acted as project manager for the new email system, says, "We wanted the ability to scale from the 13 million messages we were sending each day to 50 million messages. And we wanted to accomplish all this in an open environment. ITI rapidly delivered an excellent solution to Indimi."

ITI worked with the Indimi team over three months to develop a high performance/ high volume Linux-based email sending system within the company's Sun Microsystems-based web environment.

ITI Chief Technology Officer Shay Woodard says, "We began by working with Indimi's network and systems administrators to quantify performance goals for a successful email-sending farm - such as defining interfaces between the components, use cases, and design of the new modules to be developed. We then designed and implemented a compatible network topology and hardware selection that includes the ability to monitor and control a farm of send machines."

Indimi chose North Carolina-based ITI to maximize the probability of its project's success. Throughout development, ITI worked closely with Indimi to make sure the new system solved the problems it needed, while integrating with the numerous subsystems that make up the rest of its email system. Key technologies used were Red Hat Linux, Apache, PHP, C++, XML, and the PostGreSQL Database.

Consistent with its extensive track record of completing successful projects, as well as its ability to apply its software development process to open source tools and platforms, ITI delivered a system that will allow Indimi to target a larger customer base and scale its sending of messages to 50 million emails a day.

Calvin Tarlton says, "We are very pleased. The ITI team has been simply super to work with - thorough, insightful, and totally professional throughout our development process. We will definitely look to ITI for assistance in future projects."