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Because you have been part of our process from the very beginning, delivery is not an event. It takes place when you say your application is ready. In some cases, this entails switching from simulators to the client's environment for the first time. In other cases, it merely involves moving the application from our system to the client's system. Beta testing with users may occur during this phase. Training, documentation, testing, deployment planning, re-tooling the implementation process, even marketing are all addressed before we take your product live.

ITI ensures that the technology transfer is a smooth one, whether your staff assumes code maintenance and extension, or whether ITI fulfills that role. With your system deployed, we are ready to look with you to the future. We can help you define possible extensions and related applications that will enable your business to achieve greater heights of success.

  • Enterprise-wide rollout
  • Final quality assurance
  • Technology transfer
  • Looking ahead

Process Roadmap: Vision, Discovery, Production, Delivery, Communication.