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Innovation Blog

Our innovation blog features articles and stories on using innovation to grow your business.

Vision & Discovery

Helping clients figure out what you want built and why is the role of ITI’s Strategic Consulting Services. Our ability to understand your vision and consider all that it impacts makes us truly unique among software companies. We begin by having simple conversations with you that center on who exactly will be impacted by the technology, what users really want and need, why this solution is the best alternative, and how the technology solution is going to look, feel, and operate. Our conversations with you through vision and discovery result in the development of a blueprint of the engagement, one that addresses high level phases of the project, the risks involved, and evaluation and selection of technology.

This blueprint gives you options for shaping and building your intellectual property. Throughout the consulting process, we provide:

  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Vision Clarification

Upon completion of the consulting process, you will receive:

  • A Project Plan
  • Technology Recommendations
  • A Project Positioning Statement