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Charles Schwab

Delivery Excellence

Working with Charles Schwab's software company, Performance Technologies, Inc., ITI delivered Centerpiece - a network-aware, Windows portfolio management system - in just 14 months, complete with more than 800,000 lines of mission-critical C++ code. During development, there were routinely weeks during which production exceeded 200 lines of code per developer per day.

This project changed not just PTI's technology platform, but the entire company.

ITI received a certificate of recogniation from the Board of Directors of Performance Technology, signed by Charles Schwab himself.

Whereas in 1997, Performance Technologies, Inc. (PTI) and Interface Technologies, Inc. (ITI) joined together to Produce the Windows version of CENTERPIECE software;

And Whereas, failure or delay in this crucial development project was not an option;

And Whereas, a team of 30 developers, consisting of PTI staff, ITI's entire staff, and contractors from six different firms undertook an application in excess of 700,000 lines of code;

And Whereas, this team dedicated countless long days and long nights, and assaulted dead ends and obstacles with innovative solutions;

The Board of Directors of Performance Technologies, Inc. hereby offers its sincerest appreciation and highest respect to Marshall Brain and the entire staff of Interface Technologies, Inc. for its outstanding leadership, dedication and service - without which PTI could not have delivered a high-quality product essential to its customers and to its future success.

Charles R. Schwab

David S. Pottruck

John Philip Coghlan

John Norwood