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ATM USA is the nation's leader in ATM placement programs, installing its machines in high traffic areas such as convenience stores, grocery stores, shopping malls, casinos, hotels and truck stops nationwide. To manage the complexities of providing timely service to over 2500 ATMs, Mitch Lancaster, the company’s vice president of operations, called ITI for a comprehensive technology solution. “Good service for us means replying as quickly as possible to a trouble ticket,” Mitch says. He had been frustrated that the three pieces of software his company was using did not provide the managerial control he needed to insure his machines were up and running properly without needless service delays.

“None of the three pieces of software we had helped us get a big picture of how we were doing, what we were doing right and wrong, who was working hard and who was not, the things you want to know when you’re a manager,” he says. ITI, on the other hand, delivered a solution that fits his needs so well, Mitch says it is helping make ATM USA a better company. “It’s a time saver,” he says. “Everything from a service standpoint is within one program. It’s automated so that we have real time data. And from a manager’s perspective, I can drill down to see who has service calls open and for how long.”

ATM USA has found a trusted partner with ITI, a distinction that began with ITI asking good questions, listening to the answers, and taking good notes. Mitch described what he was looking for, the best case scenario, and then asked ITI what was realistic within his price range. ITI engineers returned quickly with various options, along with recommendations their experience had taught them would deliver the most oversight and control for the company. Mitch says, “When you trust somebody, you are willing to take the advice.”

ATM USA now has a software application that is in sync with its internal processes and service goals. Features include an intuitive GUI that constantly updates with percentages, correlating to how many machines are online and working properly. Below a certain percentage, the interface turns red. “It’s always on my screen,” Mitch says, “and it refreshes every few minutes. Then I can drill down to see exactly what is going on. I can immediately identify a problem.”

Mitch adds that he is really happy with the end result and feels that eventually ATM USA will tie other aspects of the company into the software. ITI developed the solution he needed on time and on budget. “It was a partnership for sure,” says Mitch. “ITI does a great job, and they have great ideas.”